Saturday, December 5, 2009

cold, colder n coldest

Cold is really synonym with Edmonton. Snow never stop falling on Edmonton. This is the worst ever winter experience since yesterday was the first ever blizzard in my life. Even cars are stucked in the snow n buses are delayed. Usually, it takes me 5 minutes to go to work but right now it is about 15 minutes for me to arrive there.

The things that I like during winter time are less people come to my workplace and the business closed early. I can go back home early and have nice sleep. But wait final is just around the corner. I need to sacrifice to study a lot just for 2 weeks for a better result this fall term. I have
pet e 362 on this Tuesday, chem 371 on Wednesday, pet e 364 on next Monday n finally pet e 365 on next Tuesday.

The next day after pet e 365, I am going to Vancouver and Seattle just to see something new and get away from this COLDEST E in the world. I feel so sleepy... tdo la lagi bagus... chow swisso bro


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