Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rumahku syurgaku...

After waiting for about 1 year, finally, my application to move in to new room which is a one bedroom apartment was accepted. I am really happy since 1 year ago, I lived with disgusting roommate . Let me show you how my new room looks like:

Living room

Study space


Although this house is really nice for me, it is just temporary because I live in this house just for a while till I finish study at this university. Nothing is better than my house in Malaysia. I got my my own bed, and my own stuff... home sweet home... But most important is I got my family inside the house. Here, I am just alone. By the way, alhamdulillah I still have a house to live in compared to homeless people.

I miss this house.

My father sometimes told me, "Make your small house as a small heaven on earth". This seems to be true for me right. Betcha , Abah.....


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